Sport Programs *Not Active*

We have closed our doors at The Training Ground, the indoor facility where our programs were held (more information HERE).  However, we will begin a park program in March, along with our school enrichment programs and non-profit community and education programs.  If you are interested in our programs, please contact us and we will send you more information!

Kids just wanna have fun!

At the developmental ages of 2 to 8 years old, kids generally don’t have an appreciation for the benefits of building a skill nor do they associate any benefits with being good at something. They are hard wired to learn through play. As most parents know full well, kids will expend a tremendous amount of energy to play but picking up their toys is a terrible exertion. Alamo KidSports understands the nature of kids and uses a curriculum that utilizes their motivation to develop athletic skills and fitness through a series of fun but beneficial games…but don’t tell the kids we’re secretly developing them!

Super Concentration Mode

Alamo KidSports succeeds in building athletic skills by getting the kids into what we call the super-concentration mode. The super-concentration mode is where the kids are trying their hardest to achieve some objective that their brain and muscles are working together to learn and create muscle memory. That is where the skill development happens the fastest. The challenge is tapping into their motivation to get them into this ultra-skill-building mode. Most adults are too direct in their approach when training young children because they forget that kids at this age have totally different motivation.

The curriculums for the sport programs are designed to first introduce the fun, and thus the motivation, then add challenges. Our goal is to eventually get kids to perform a particular exercise that builds a vital skill while they are in the super-concentration mode. For example, teaching kids to dribble a ball from one hoop to the other as fast as they can is a great exercise to learn ball control. Simply instructing them to do it results in an unmotivated, distracted effort. However, our curriculum first introduces a game with a fun objective and then the ball is incorporated after the kids know the game and understand the fun. As a result, we get highly motivated kids in the super-concentration mode trying to get a ball from one spot to the next. Alamo KidSports has found that to optimize skill-building, the indirect approach works much faster and better than the traditional direct approach for older kids and adults.

Appropriate equipment

Color – The French have a saying about fine dining that says “the first bite is with the eyes.” Here at Alamo FitPlay Foundation, we have a philosophy that says:

“The first fun is had with the eyes”

Variety – We love to incorporate lots of colorful props to add variety and fun to our curriculum. This helps steer the kids away from boredom. Having a variety of colorful props keeps them engaged and always wanting to play. The more fun the better!

Size – Alamo FitPlay Foundation has found that the right sized equipment makes a tremendous difference in the proper development of children. For example, our soccer balls are proportionately sized so that kids don’t have to compensate for oversized balls, and thus learn bad habit in order to get control and momentum on a ball.

Safety – Since safety is of utmost importance to us, our equipment is carefully selected to be soft and easy. The fewer boo-boos the better.

Sport Programs Curriculum

The curriculums are progressive curriculums design by experts with a comprehensive understanding of child development. The goal is to bring kids through the various stages so they not only grow their athletic skills and fitness, but develop an interest and love for sports and aerobic activities. Each stage builds upon the previous stage with unique challenges and new skill building games. Children who have gone through the entire curriculum can demonstrate remarkable skill and have had great success in sports leagues.

Prepare them for sports

The feedback we get from the parents of kids who have been through our program has been oustanding, especially in regards to preparing them for sports leagues. We consistently hear that the kids go into the early stages of sports leagues as being very advanced compared to the other players.